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Going to be away a while longer

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Going to be away a while longer Empty Going to be away a while longer

Post  Cypresswolf Tue Jul 16, 2013 7:03 am

Work load has picked up and requires I work later to help pick up the pace to catch up on some job-sites we're behind on. Mandatory overtime started back in May; requires working saturdays and until a week ago required 10 hour shifts. One job-site wants us out by the end of the July and work shift has been upped to 12 hours so we can attempt to meet that goal. And If I'm going to meet my goal of making the rest of the Texas cons this year, I'll need the money from those extra hours. I'll let you know my finances in that reguard when these crazy hours are over and done with.

The Season 4 Bingo project has been a casualty as a result. I may pick it back up and add some things after each episode is aired and eventually turn it into a larger game that focuses on watching random eps in the future.

I did attend Fiesta Equestria a few weekends ago and have quite a story to tell about it - It was a great convention! Had tons of fun. I'll post about that when next I get the chance.

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