Creeped out by MLP Fans.. Wish to try to understand more..

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Creeped out by MLP Fans.. Wish to try to understand more.. Empty Creeped out by MLP Fans.. Wish to try to understand more..

Post  Foxy on Wed Jan 09, 2013 12:39 pm

Alright.. Now i will never be a brony.. But i keep seeing all my friends who is furrys trying to get into this "Fad" I myself i think every one does it just because of peers.. Since human tendency is to do what the Pack is doing.. But all the furmeets ive seen tend to carry bronys..

I myself i loved fosters home and it makes me sick someone would take her work.. And turn it into porn.. And i literly cant stand bronys..

How i met my 1st brony.. Was a guy named brantly.. he was staying at my house a week.. He was trying to fap.. And said.. "Hey look at this isent it hot" And he was fapping to a yellow pony with a horse penis..

Now im fine with furry porn.. And i can tolerate it.. But that is the same as fapping to powerpuff girls... So before someone says.. "Well furrys do the same thing" Its not.. its like saying anal s*x is the same as Fisting.. One is more extream..

And before someone says.. im just a fan of the show and the maker of it.. Then why not make a fan base out of her other works to.. And on past TV shows that was good why has no one ever dressed as it?

Still... After seeing the only brony ive ever met fapping to that.. I see the maker of fosters work.. I got a very bad view..

Now my other bro fur later on told me he knows about mlp.. And said its a good show.. And made me watch it.. Its a ok show.. But not worth making such a fuss over.. Just another cartoon really. and brony is a term for a my little pony fan...

Its very hard to belive to me that its just a fan.. Since last week i picked up a friend.. Who i had this same convo.. And he shows me a bunch on brony dolls in a run down apartment.. and then said also the porn isent bad.. you should try "Clop" Whatever that ment. And i nearly puked..

Any how... Please someone tell me i just got a bad look at bronys.. because if at furry fiesta there gonna be a bunch of my little pony porn.. Im gonna refund my cash... Its to sick..


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Creeped out by MLP Fans.. Wish to try to understand more.. Empty Re: Creeped out by MLP Fans.. Wish to try to understand more..

Post  CypressTimberWolf on Tue Jan 15, 2013 11:30 pm

I found the show at first through pony cameos in a few webcomics I read. First showing up in VG Cats, and months later in a comic called Broken Plot Device - - which made me check it out, but no to the point of sitting down and watching the show.

I didn't watch the show until a month later. In the weeks between, I did some research - who made the show, who are the voice actors, where did the popularity of these ponies come from. Finding out half the voice cast had done a lot of voice work for anime - which I was a fan of most of the series listed - That's when I took the time to watch.

June 2011 - I spent a week watching the first season of FIM on youtube - was still widely available then, no takedowns yet.

I started delving deeper into what makes these ponies widely popular - That's when I saw how much creativity the show and it's characters inspired - Original art works - people were making custom ponies based on the images from the show - I've never seen custom created characters from any show like I have seen in this fandom. Made me start collecting. Drawing was another thing, I've talked to quite a few people whom this show has inspired them to draw - They've made a hobby out of it, and in some cases, a career.

Later on original music scores - Far beyond a simple music video where people find an existing song, clip scenes from a show and call it a video - see that in anime all the time - This was on a grander scale, Fans were creating their own music based on this show - as well as their own animations to go with their music. Watch Picture Perfect Pony - - original song and original animation - that's equal to, if not better than, the actual show.

This video is the first one I found, still one of my top favs -

I didn't come across any adult pony art until several months later, not long after hearing about fans making new games based on ponies in the works - one in particular was a dating sim, I think that particular one ended up being scrapped. But adult art was not what interested me - If I had found the adult art first, I probably wouldn't have found the vast levels of creativity of other forms in that fans had created as appealing. Sadly, it does exist - its a form that exists in all fandoms - however there is much more beyond it - for every one piece of adult art someone creates, there are dozens of higher forms of art to take its place.

I've seen custom pony things made from pipe cleaners, plushies, automatons, many clay/balsa wood/wood carvings/stone/etc statues of ponies, jewelery boxes, key chains, door stops - just about anything you can imagine and more - fans have made based on these ponies - The creativity! Is what I like most about this fandom

I think you just found the fringe part of the fandom first - there is much more to it than adult art, I assure you. Have you seen the topic on personal collections? some custom made stuff in there, though outdated since few post here anymore. But I digress. Let me know if you have anymore questions regarding the fandom. I'd be happy to answer any questions.
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